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Competitive and reliable washroom services from a company you can trust

There are a range of products and services for commercial and public washroom facilities

We provide washroom supplies and services with the aim to make life easier for you. Our services and products have been chosen to meet many needs and requirements of our clients. The washroom is a direct reflection of the values of businesses and institutions.

We have an extensive range of products for environmental cleaning which can be found here.

Soap dispensers in a commercial washroom

Products and services:

  • Sanitary bins (15 litres or 23 litre options / manual or automatic)
  • Soap dispensers (wall mounted / and automatic designs)
  • Medical waste bins (as required)
  • Sharp bins (1 litre, 5 litre, 8 litre and 30 litre options available)
  • Nappy bins (as required)
  • Water management systems (as required)
  • Air fresheners (aerosol or non-aerosol / fragrance options available)
  • Roller towels (as required)
  • Mats (varying sizes and colours available)
  • Paper products (toilet rolls and paper towels, different sizes available)
  • Vending machines (feminine hygiene multi vends).
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View from inside a commercial washroom

First impressions count, even for your business

Our range of products and services are perfect for business needs. Supply your washroom with our products for peace of mind, as we offer flexible terms that suit your needs and regular equipment servicing. Your business is our concern, we ensure that you can carry on with yours.

Open door to a commercial washroom

Busy washrooms need that extra care, let us help

Washroom facilities of public institutions and schools cater for a wide range of daily users. We can help with the strain, by offering supplies and reliable services to cater for your washroom facility needs. We provide competitive prices and offer flexible terms that suit your requirements.

Find out more about washroom supplies & services. Speak to us on 01787 248 049 or email sales@commandpestcontrol.co.uk