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Fumigation and grain care for agriculture
and Fumigation of commodities

Keeping your grain in top condition

When you have a large amount of grain, keeping it clean and safe against pests is of the upmost importance. Our experts have a wealth of experience in fumigation and grain care services and offer our services throughout the east of England.

Our fumigation services website can be found here.

Experts in fumigation for agriculture

  • Commodity fumigation
  • Chamber fumigation
  • Grain fumigation
  • Pre-harvest grain store cleaning and spraying
  • Insect and mite identification with advice on control
  • Grain monitoring using temperature and moisture probes, insect and mite detection and store condition reporting

Covering all aspects for you

  • Fumigation of infested cereals, seeds and pulses
  • Pre harvest insecticidal treatment
  • Monitoring of stored grain (temperature, humidity, condition, trapping, sieving and an infestation report)
  • Supply of pitfall traps, magnifying lenses and sieves etc.
  • Fumigation of infested furniture, rugs and carpets and other personal belongings

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